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Think Higher. See Higher. Live Higher

Life truly does contain endless possibilities! However, our perceptions, understandings, and experiences can keep us limited and boxed in.

If you're like most people, you want more from life because something tells you there IS more! Even if you aren't able to articulate why or what that is, something whispers from deep inside that what you are experiencing isn't all there is. In this Journey Group, we will keep seeking, pursuing, and growing together. We will take the lid off of life and discover more.

Come ready to dig in, unpack powerful principles for your life, expand your personal parameters, and build some amazing relationships!

Wednesdays at 7:30PM (CST)



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A Reconciliation Lifestyle

What is reconciliation -- really? How do we maintain true, deep, lasting reconciliation of things in our lives?

Come enjoy a month of experiencing reconciliation the way God does it. You will be enlightened with new perspectives and understanding, and equipped to use tools you already possess in new ways to keep your heart, soul, and mind free of walls that block the flow of life and love.

Sundays at 8:00PM (CST)   Fridays at 12PM (CST)



Moving Mountains In Your Life!

Where are you stuck? Where are you experiencing obstacles in your life? How did they get there? How do you move them?

In just two months we will unpack six areas that either make or move mountains in our lives. The good news you will discover is that you have complete control over your choices in all six areas. Come discover your mountain moving power! You are invited to bring one obstacle, and together let's activate the choices that will move it out of your way!

Sundays at 8:00PM (CST)



The EdenQuest Life Groups

How is it possible that scripture instructs us to exert ourselves, work as hard as we can, even strive to enter God's rest? That's a paradox if I've ever heard of one! What is this rest you have to work to attain? It must be something different than any type of rest we've experienced in this world. Few people ever find this deeper rest we all instinctively know exists.

Welcome to EdenQuest! This is a rest "intensive" — a guided group into discovering what this rest truly is and how we transform our lives into experiences and expressions of it. We will utilize the book "Twisted Truths" and the companion EdenQuest Coaching Videos as our resources. Group participants will receive a free download of "Twisted Truths" as an interactive mobile appBook.


Part 1 - The Paradoxical Heart That Freely Commits
groups begin every January
(with Coach Sara Duckworth)

Part 1 is about recognizing, responding to, and committing to reconstructing your life around the eternal yearnings of your heart. We will begin by getting a complete understanding of the problem we face, and the truest transformation that is the solution. We will be setting our hearts free and building the endurance required for commitment. Only a free heart can freely commit.

A steadfast heart is one that is deeply rooted in a decision. It does not get off course by opinions, popularity polls, or the actions of others. It is determined to finish what it starts. The phrase, "It is time to stop starting and start finishing," eloquently captures the essence of a strong heart that is free to commit.

Why is commitment such a rare and remarkable thing? We are going to dive into the heart and take a look around at the obstacles that lurk there, from attitudes and motives, to limits of understanding.

We've got work to do, so let's get started!

Sundays at 8:30PM (CST)


Part 2 - The Paradoxical Soul at Peace in Chaos
groups begin every August

EdenQuest Part 1 is a pre-requisite for this group.

Part 2 is about training the soul toward a mature level of self-control through vulnerability and waiting.

An unwavering soul is one that is not shaken by circumstances outside of its control. It has the ability to remain still in the midst of chaos, waiting patiently for clarity to come. It is never rushed or hurried by external or internal pressures. Its emotions are not inappropriate for the context of a situation. It has learned to ride out the storms of life without absorbing, or contributing to, the agitation around it.

Why is such serenity so elusive? Well, the ability to maintain a non-reactive, non-impulsive state of being depends on a steely inner balance, and such equilibrium requires control. Most people work diligently to control what is going on around them in an effort to create peace. Soul balance, however, is about inner Self-control, with is an all-together different mastery. And that peace is with you at all times regardless of what may be swirling around you.

We've got work to do, so let's get started!

Sundays at 6:30PM (CST)


Part 3 - The Paradoxical Mind That Fuels Productivity from Rest
groups begin every January

EdenQuest Parts 1 and 2 are pre-requisites for this group.

This group is about training the mind toward a state of rest for maximum, creative productivity.

A fearless mind is one that is ready and able to set out on unchartered waters and pioneer new frontiers. It is prepared to leave behind everything familiar for the adventure of experiencing new things, and establishing what has never existed before. It is a curious observer of all things, most especially itself. It is willing to let go of what the past has taught it to be true, and to step into a "now and present beingness" that sees all things as new. It is not quick to react or attribute meaning to what it experiences, but has the ability to quietly, and with increasing agility, process what goes on around it. It rests as it gazes upon what it sees and experiences from every angle, from top to bottom, inside to outslide, before deciding what it is going to think about that thing.

A mind at rest sounds unproductive, doesn't it? Interestingly enough, it is through a rigorous process of slowing down the mind, clearing it of clutter, and bringing it to rest that you are actually able to accelerate it production. You much more readily assimilate things and apply accurate perspectives so you can explore the next thing freely.

We've got work to do, so let's get started!

Sundays at 6:30PM (CST)