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Leadership requires bravery. Today's world is changing at break-neck speed. Leaders are faced with uncertainty, ambiguity, complexity, and large-scale change. Businesses and leaders must fearlessly face a myriad of challenges. Navigating others through change requires a fierce internal compass. Gold-standard leaders lead from within. An executive coach can help you lead in a realistic, aligned, and inclusive way.

Every leadership journey is unique, and so is yours! Wherever you are on your journey, I will be a strong partner to help you assess your capabilities, identify focus areas for development, and set a course of action to keep you moving forward. Together we will discover the path that leads to the fulfillment of your ambitions, as well as overcome the challenges you will personally face along the way. I will support you in fulfilling your true potential - both in your professional and private life. 

Coaching is one of the greatest investments you can make for your leadership journey! The ROI will impact relationships, organizations, and you as an individual!

You're going to love the journey!

What You Can Expect

•    A holistic approach for considering every aspect of your professional and private life
•    A safe environment to gain clarity, confidence, and commitment to excellence and high performance
•    Development, engagement, and inspiration to enhance personal effectiveness and strengthen influence
•    A customized plan based on goals and a champion for growth potential
•    A partnership that provides flexibility as well as accountability


My Super Powers

•    Robust business acumen with a solid understanding of triple bottom line
•    Infrastructure of understanding and tools directly relevant to personality, emotional and social intelligence, and leadership development
•    A deep philosophy that every person, business, and situation is riddled with nuances and subtleties not easily quantified
•    A creatively reasoned approach that uses my equipping as an arsenal, not a scripted textbook, to formulate fresh wisdom in the moment for each client

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What Clients Say

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

    “I’ve never been one to consider coaching. In 2015, I had the best year of my life financially speaking. However, I felt that I was still hitting a wall and decided to hire Tricia as my coach to help me push past my walls. At the second to last day of the first quarter of 2016, I have surpassed my entire income for last year. People always say the biggest investment you can make is in yourself, but sometimes it’s hard to equate money in with personal growth out. But I can absolutely say that what I have earned this year has been a direct result of the person I have become as a byproduct of coaching. I would not have been able to break through those barriers on my own.” - Nick M.

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