"Live Reconciled" coaching program is a favorite for retreats, couples, groups and private coaching. Because of its transformational power, it is now available as a self-directed program so more people have access to its life-changing power. Coaching for integration with your personal work is still highly encouraged and available upon request.

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Live Reconciled
True Peace with Yourself, Others & God

What is reconciliation -- really? How do we maintain true, deep, lasting reconciliation of things in our lives?

Come enjoy experiencing reconciliation the way God the Father does it. You will discover distinctions between reconciliation and restoration, and where meanings may require unraveling and redefinition. You will be enlightened with new perspectives and understanding, and equipped to use tools you already possess in new ways to keep your heart, soul, and mind free of walls that block the flow of life and love.


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  • "The Lord has really spoken to me throughout our time together. This programme is so rich with principles. This is powerful and much needed in the Body of Christ to bring healing not condemnation, acceptance not rejection, and forgiveness (grace) not punishment. Thank you all. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Tricia for being our guide on this journey. It's been amazing."--Felicia, Barbados

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